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SOCIAL SECURITY PUZZLE SEMINARExplain when, what, and how to File and Learn How the New Laws Affect YOU

OH Date(s): May 22, 20197 at 6:00pm at Peoples First Savings Bank, Mason Location 

SIX BARRIERS TO INVESTMENT SUCCESS - Uncovering your behavioral biases to achieve your long term goals

OH Date(s): April 30, 2019 at 11:30am at Rusty Bucket, 5035 Deerfield Blvd, Mason OH 45040
KY Date (s): April 30, 2019 at 5:00pm at Otto's, 521 Main St, Covington KY 41011

SOLVING THE RETIREMENT INCOME PUZZLEUnderstanding the five biggest challenges to retirement income planning, Why changing your investment philosophy upon retirement is critical, The importance of segregating your income producing assets from your growth assets

KY Date(s): 
OH Date(s):

UNDERSTANDING YOUR STATEMENTS - Learn to How to Navigate Your Statements: Annuity, Life Insurance, 401k, Disability and more....

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OH Date (s): 

TAXES IN RETIREMENT How lost deductions may affect your taxes in retirement, Common misconceptions about taxes in retirement, Taxes when working while collecting Social Security, and Learn How the New Laws Affect YOU

WHAT to do WHEN a SPOUSE or LOVED ONE DIES?25 Important Documents, 7 steps to help you prepare and What major decisions should you avoid for 6 months?

EXTENDED CARE SEMINAR There are approximately 111 million Baby Boomers and GenX people in the United States If you need care, HOW will it affect your spouse and loved ones? AND, if you need care, how will you pay for it?

ESTATE PLANNING AND PRESERVING YOUR WEALTH SEMINAR Estate Management is effective in managing your financial and personal affairs during your lifetime:and second, distributing your wealth after your death. Through effective estate management you can avoid needless expenses in legal costs, and you can provide for loved ones who may not be protected otherwise.

HEALTH AND WEALTH SUMMER SEMINAR SERIES Are you working hard to live a longer life without investing to enjoy it? Think about it. Maybe you’re doing the right things to live a longer,healthier life — eating right, exercising, taking time to relax and spending time with loved ones. But if you’re not getting yourself financially prepared for longer life, you’re only getting half the job done.


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