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One of our primary goals is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

Everest Financial Inc. believes clients want a financial advisor who understands them and their retirement goals. With a passion for lending a helping hand to his local community in northern Kentucky, the Cincinnati tri-state area, Joe Duffey is dedicated to Planning, Designing and Building a trusted partnership with each of his clients and empowering them with the knowledge that may help them as they seek to invest wisely and preserve their wealth as they approach and enter retirement.

Before entering the financial industry, Joe owned a construction company. As a small business owner, he understands the common questions individuals are faced with regarding their finances, especially as they plan for retirement. With the goal of helping small business owners and individuals answer these questions and plan with confidence, he transitioned into the financial industry. Today, with more than 30 years of experience, Joe combines his financial knowledge with his service-oriented nature to help clients develop strategies for retirement.

Passionate about working with clients who are positive about the future, Joe is dedicated to helping clients seek to preserve their wealth through retirement. From the first meeting, he takes the time to learn about his clients’ dreams and helps them formalize their retirement plan. By understanding the client’s values and goals, Joe can help develop a financial roadmap.

Joe hopes that by working closely with clients and understanding their individual needs, he can help individuals and small businesses and be a trusted source for information regarding retirement strategies, investing, managing risk, and protecting assets.He has strategic partnerships with local attorneys, local CPAs, COPFCU (Cincinnati Ohio Police Federal Credit Union) and Peoples First Savings Bank. These licenses and relationships enable him to assist clients to pursue their dreams. Through his training, he can provide advice and assistance on various aspects of retirement, including Social Security and insurance planning. Understanding the challenges of retirement, he provides financial seminars and advanced software, which help him build a unique portfolio that fits their retirement plan.

Get to Know Us!

Get to Know Us!